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40 years of satisfied clients

The company has been in business since 1979 under the name of Câblage RP, and since 1989, under the name of Planiselect Inc. We are proud to be at the third generation, from father to son, of passionate business leaders. We put at your service a team of very rigorous technicians.

LEVITON, who has been certifying us for many years, doesn’t hesitate to recommend Planiselect inc. for large projects. Our sharp installations gives us an enviable reputation in the field of structured cabling and our customers know the quality of our work. In order to provide a broader product, we have added over the years optical fiber and intercommunication, and we are now TOA certified.

01. Experience

In business for over 40 years, Planiselect is the Quebec company with the most expertise in structured cabling.

02. Knowledge

With a team of qualified technicians, you can count on us to guide you to the type of installation that will meet your needs.

03. Reliability

Over the years, Planiselect has proven itself and has earned a reputation by serving some of the largest companies in Quebec.

04. Turnkey

We facilitate the progress of your project by supporting you in all the stages of its realization, from the ideation to the installation.

Our story
  1. Bell Canada invites Robert Paquette to bid for a phone cabling contract. He founds “R.P. Cables Installation” and obtains the contract. With his son, Alain Paquette, he will make phone cabling for the city of Laval, where he will then settle on Alexandre Street. Soon, the company wins the contract for East Montreal, and then downtown. R.P. Cables Installation will increase from 1 to 22 installation teams from 1979 to 1989. Fun fact: their contract with Bell will lead them to make the call services on the residential side, like changing the small light bulbs in the Princess phones. They will also do the phone booths maintenance.

  2. He starts a long business relationship with the RIO for cabling. They also sign contracts with the city of Laval.

  3. The fast expansion of the company forces them to occupy premises on Rose de Lima, and then very quickly on Godin Street in the Industrial Park.

  4. They move on St. Nicholas Street. They will stay there for about 4 years.

  5. They earn phone cabling contracts with companies like Incotel, Mitel and others in the same field.

  6. They will occupy a business place on Le Corbusier Street.

  7. Alain Paquette, the son, buys Planiselect from Ottawa. Michel Gaudet, one of the former owners, will remain with the new administration for a few years to continue the development in the Ottawa area. It’s under the banner Planiselect Inc. that they will begin structured cabling installations. They sign contracts with IBM for the installation of AS-400. They acquire accreditation for IBM products and will continue to install IBM until 1990.

  8. They sign several contracts, among others with Microtech (alarm system). They will change their address again to settle on Industriel Street in Vimont.

  9. “R.P. Cables Installation” signs a milestone contract with Hydro-Quebec’s head office for all computer cabling.

  10. Bell establishes Entourage Technology Solutions Inc and, as a result, the contract with R.P. Cables Installation is not renewed and ends in 1997.

  11. They do the cabling for the Frontenac Castle in Quebec City.

  12. They will establish their permanent home with the purchase of a building at their current address on Léo-Lacombe Street.

  13. They win clients such as Château Montebello, Hôtel Reine Élizabeth and the Commission des Normes du Travail.

  14. They are assigned the cabling contract for the new Laval subway line.

  15. In 2000, “R.P. Cables Installation” experiences the inevitable decline in traditional phone cabling contracts. In 2008, when founder Robert Paquette dies, R.P. Cables Installation ceases operations completely. The remaining current projects are transferred to Planiselect Inc.

  16. Today, Joël Paquette, grandson of Robert Paquette, administers with his father Alain the continuation of the operations of Planiselect Inc. Certifications, accreditations as well as contracts multiply.

Planiselect Inc. has a pride that translates into the quality of our work and the satisfaction of our customers. We would be happy to work with you and make you benefit from our experience.

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