Network equipement and intercom


Installation of the structure that will host all the hardware of the network system.

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Cabinet (racks): Hammond, Sysracks, Panduit, Electron Metal and more. Self-supporting model, screwed to the floor or fixed to the wall. New or used. A complete range of rack that will meet your structured cabling needs.

Switches: A network switch is a device that connects several segments (cables or fibers) in a computer and telecommunication network and that makes it possible to create virtual circuits.

Patch panel: The patch panel, an important item in any network, allows a clear and organized structure in addition to being easier to maintain.

Patch cord: This small wiring link between the patch panel and the switch, when of the proper length, allows a clearer visual organization of the assembly in the rack. Like the cables, the cords are available in several colors. The assignment of colors, when there are several services using cable networks in a building, allows clear identification by the technician and avoids unpleasant service interruptions.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply): An important element in a network. It is used to regulate the current and keep the load on sensitive equipment or that must remain in operation long enough to allow a safe power off if the power outage is to last longer.


The main clientele for intercoms is schools. We are pleased to have several schools and school boards to our credit. Planiselect is also proud to be TOA certified. The quality of TOA products allows us a smooth installation and peace of mind for the end user.

When installing in new establishments, the challenges are mainly related to time constraints. When we have to work in an existing school, the attention is rather focused on the class schedule, the restrictions of the building and the presence of asbestos.

The system installation usually includes the following elements:

  • TOA Intercom system
  • Asterisk IP Intercom system
  • VOIP Door Intercom system
  • IP CLOCK system